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Event duration: 19.10.2023 - 17.03.2024

The exhibition focuses on the abstract aspect of Gugging’s Art for the first time. Selected pieces by Gugging Artist Laila Bachtiar form the starting point for the exploration of this theme and the core of the exhibition.

Laila lives at the assisted living facility St. Martin and works at atelier gugging. In many cases, the artist completely fills the picture space and the underlying motif disappears almost entirely. 

Bachtiar’s works engage in dialogue with Gugging Artists of an older generation: Rudolf Liemberger, Philipp Schöpke, Erich Zittra and Rudolf Horacek are also represented in the exhibition. Together they lead to an exhibition that provides a deeper insight into the art of Gugging.

Among the exhibits on display are many from the collection of the Private Foundation - Artists from Gugging.

curator: Nina Ansperger


Since the founding of the Private Foundation – Artists from Gugging in 2003, numerous exhibitions have been carried out with the inclusion of works from the Foundation Collection. These have been able to enhance the general recognition and popularity of art from Gugging.



International presentations are also currently continually being realized – in cooperation with the Department for External Presentations of the gugging friends. Works from the collection of the private foundation are also constantly being presented in the semi-permanent, long-term exhibitions of the museum gugging.