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With the support of the NFB (Lower Austrian Research and Education company), the association is currently financing a dissertation project on the history of the reception of art from Gugging, supervised by the academy of fine arts vienna.


On the university level, the Association gugging friends has worked together with partners including the Department of Art and Cultural Studies at the Danube University Krems (Center for Museum Collections Management).


Employees of the Association gugging friends have additionally been involved in the publications continually being created in connection with the exhibition work in Gugging.  

The association’s scholarly activity has meant:

  • the continuous development – since the early 1980s – of an extensive digital archive encompassing both artworks (over 46,000 entries to date) and other archive materials (over 3,400 entries to date),
  • the establishment and expansion of a specialized library, whose holdings can be made available to researchers upon request and by appointment,
  • the organization of lectures by experts and discussion forums
  • and over the long term: development and publication of a digital database featuring extensive information on the art and artists from Gugging, made available for the inquiries of researchers as well as everyone else interested in art,
  • and over the longer term: the founding of a university institute focused on researching the work of artists whose art is currently circulated and responded to primarily in terms of "Art Brut"