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brain feeling.!

brain feeling.!
art from gugging from 1970 to the present

Nina Ansperger (ed.), Johann Feilacher (ed.)

1970 marked the first exhibition of works by the later “Gugging Artists” in the legendary Viennese “Galerie nächst St. Stephan”. It was the beginning of an unprecedented advance of representatives of Art Brut in the art world. Today the working conditions and social recognition have changed completely for the artists – many of the Gugging Artists such as Johann Hauser, August Walla, and Oswald Tschirtner are world famous. In its new permanent exhibition museum gugging presents works from five decades of artistic creativity in Gugging. Special attention is paid to the works of the current generation of Gugging Artists: Laila Bachtiar, Leonhard Fink, Helmut Hladisch, Arnold Schmidt, Jürgen Tauscher, Karl Vondal, or Günther Schützenhöfer are the new Gugging Artists, whose primary focus on drawing constitutes a large part of the exhibition. The work “THE BORING BRAIN FEELING.” by Johann Garber, an important link between the generations, served as inspiration for the title of show.


brain feeling.! art from gugging from 1970 to the present, Editors: Nina Ansperger and Johann Feilacher, hardcover, 386 pages with numerous illustrations in colour and black/white, German - Englisch, 307 x 361 mm, publisher: Residenz, Vienna - Salzburg, 2018, € 35,00. ISBN: 978-3-7017-3450-4 

Nina Ansperger (Hg.)Johann Feilacher (Hg.)Gugging Museum (Hg.)- GEHIRNGEFÜHL.! Kunst aus Gugging von 1970 bis zur Gegenwart


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