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House of Artists



The Artists from Gugging presented here are those integrated within


the general day-to-day activity at the House of Artists and atelier gugging.


Laila Bachtiar

Laila Bachtiar’s graphic oeuvre encompasses a world in color and one in gray, which are closely bound up with one another and grow out of the same source: a framework of lines.


Leonhard Fink

Since 2007 Leonhard Fink’s geographic interest has been culminating in his main motif: the map. The large-format pencil drawings usually cover the entire sheet, showing countries, regions and cities. 


Johann Garber

Johann Garber’s depictions of a paradisiacal world can be found in numerous highly detailed ink drawings. The entire space of the images on his sheets is filled with a dense array of figures, objects, ornaments and writing. 



Helmut Hladisch

Helmut Hladisch’s delicate pencil and colored pencil drawings as well as several works painted with acrylic form the artist’s oeuvre, which is relatively less extensive to date, but easily finds its place among the works created at Gugging in terms of quality.


Heinrich Reisenbauer

From the very beginning, Heinrich Reisenbauer has drawn orderly groupings of identical objects or living creatures. His works are characterized by the serial repetition featured within a single picture. 


Arnold Schmidt

Arnold Schmidt draws and paints in a very dynamic form. His figures are placed on the paper or canvas with countless strokes of colored pencil, charcoal and crayon or with brush and acrylic paint.


Günther Schützenhöfer

Pencil and colored pencils are the tools of Günther Schützenhöfer, and he uses them in a manner unlike almost every other artist. In an intense and thrilling manner, surfaces become flat but almost three-dimensional formations in his work. The contrast of light and dark within a single stroke is repeated across entire passages.



Jürgen Tauscher

Jürgen Tauscher’s entire enthusiasm is devoted to flying objects, whether in the air or in outer space: These objects also represent the central themes of his works. The artist composes at least one flying object per day, usually on a small sheet of paper.


Karl Vondal

Karl Vondal’s oeuvre is dominated by large-format, collage-like works on paper created using pencil, colored pencils and ink as well as acrylics in pastel colors.