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Johann Feilacher (ed.)

DDr. Leo Navratil, founder of the Gugging Centre for Art-Psychotherapy, untiringly supported the Gugging Artists, today’s world famous representatives of Art Brut. Many of them were very close to him personally, as can be seen in his “Guestbook”, originally an old art book, from the 1960s and 70s. This unique and authentic document  immortalizes numerous Gugging Artists: Johann Hauser, August Walla, Oswald Tschirtner and Rudolf Limberger; visiting artists such as Alfred Hrdlicka, Franz Ringel and Arnulf Rainer made several contributions and drawings. This exhibition presents all of the guestbook’s pages for the first time, along with a catalogue containing a facsimile of this historical art book.


navratils KÜNSTLER-GÄSTEBUCH.!, Editor: Johann Feilacher, cloth binding, 152 pages with numerous illustrations, German - English, 325 x 410 mm, publisher: Residenz: Vienna - Salzburg, 2015, € 34,90. ISBN: 978-3-7017-3361-3




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